Our network of partners

Choosing Product Managers Consulting is more than just selecting a consulting firm to assist you in your product marketing.

By choosing Product Managers Consulting, you will surround yourself with a network of experts in various fields:

  • Product Marketing and Product Management at the international level with several native languages: English / American, German
  • International Communication with experts located in the United States (native)
  • Business Development, a partner specialized in the establishment of alliances and distribution partnerships in Europe and U.S.
  • Business Development through a telemarketing agency experienced in the area of high tech
  • Design & Graphics, through a pragmatic agency

And also a range of support functions activated for interim management, resource often crucial at certain stages of development (fundraising, managing relationships with investors, growth …)

  • Finances
  • Human Resources


Bonnie Ravina Retrouvez Bonnie Ravina sur LinkedInBonnie Ravina
Based in the USA, Bonnie is a specialist of positioning and international communication
Valérie Lanata Retrouvez Valérie Latana sur LinkedInValérie Latana
Over 15 years of experience in finance management for start-ups and high-tech SMEs
Yann Denoual Retrouvez Yann Denoual sur LinkedInYann Denoual
One foot in the USA and one in France , Yann is an expert of web technologies and business models
Geneviève Gilgenmann Retrouvez Geneviève Gilgenmann sur LinkedInGeneviève Gilgenmann
20 years of experience in High Tech Marketing
Véronique Devienne Retrouvez Véronique Devienne sur LinkedInVéronique Devienne
Veronique works in operational marketing for high tech start-ups
Sandra Laberenne Retrouvez Sandra Laberenne sur LinkedInSandra Laberenne
Sandra is a spécialist in communication and press relations
Marielle Crozat Retrouvez Marielle Crozat sur LinkedInMarielle Crozat
Expert in product management and product strategy, Marielle changes technological complexity into marketing simplicity
Marie-Anne Lauféron Retrouvez Marie-Anne Lauféron sur LinkedInMarie-Anne Lauféron
20 years of general management and business development of High Tech companies
Catherine Kokoreff Retrouvez Catherine Kokoreff sur LinkedInCatherine Kokoreff
Catherine brings 20 years of experience in product strategy and product marketing for high tech companies and SMEs

Our clients

Our customers are our best ambassadors. They recommend us to their friends and partners. They testify willingly, and if you wish, we can put you in touch with them to describe you our work and its results.